WASC publish “Gambia Perforated Cameos” By John F. Rose

Gambia Rose front cover

The West Africa Study Circle are pleased to anounce the publication of “Gambia Perforated Cameos” by John F. Rose.

The perforated Cameo stamps of The Gambia were produced between 1880 and 1898. During this period there were numerous printings of each value. Besides intentional changes in colour and watermark, these can be distinguished by more subtle factors: orientation of the watermark, type of perforation, positioning of guide dots on the sheet, features of the embossing, flaws and shades.

Previous studies of these fascinating issues have tended to ignore the evidence provided by used stamps. A clearly dated postmark can establish that a stamp from a particular printing cannot have been issued later than the date of that postmark. By examining literally thousands of mint and used adhesives, John Rose puts forward convincing evidence for attributing individual stamps to particular printings and delivery dates. One noteworthy conclusion is that the 1887 consignment of the 1d value was most likely on Crown CC watermarked paper.

Profusely illustrated in colour throughout, this new 196-page publication will be of interest to all collectors of these iconic stamps.

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News item published on: 13 April, 2011