Heavy spending before Christmas

Grosvenor’s December All World Auction, held over two days on the 9th and 10th, achieved a total realisation of  £871,517, over 20% above the pre-sale estimate for this sale.

The following is a selection from amongst the many notable prices paid

K.G.VI collection in 4 New Age albums (lot 2) realised £14,637 
The Colin Tabeart collection of Transatlantic Mail (lot 68) realised £8,998.

1879 Tay Bridge Disaster cover (from the Jerry Santangelo Collection of Interrupted Mail, lot 151) realised £2,874
Collections of Egypt Officials in 8 albums (lot 217) and British Forces in Egypt in 12 albums (lot 295), from the second part of the late Dennis Clarke collection of Egypt, realised £6,084 and £5,039 respectively

Falkland Islands 1964 6d. H.M.S. Glasgow error (lot 375) realised £23,995
South Georgia 1909 “SOUTH GEORGIA” imprint postcard (lot 478) realised £11,038

British Bechuanaland 1888 1/2d. on 3d. broken “f’ variety (S.G. 29a) in mint block of four (lot 596) realised £13,797
Great Britain 1877 Telegraph £5 orange superb mint (lot 1198) realised £14,997
South Kensington Exhibition 1d. plate proof block of six (lot 1476) realised £5,758

News item published on: 11 December, 2010