Dorothy Sharp (1928 – 2024)

The Grosvenor graphic designer Dorothy Sharp passed away on June 25th, having  celebrated her 96th birthday earlier in the month. She had worked as part of our team for over 25 years, the front cover of the recent GPA 159 catalogue being her final contribution.

Dorothy Bertha Merriton Sharp was born in Kent in 1928 and was the granddaughter of noted English historian Samuel Rawson Gardiner. After the death of her mother in 1948 Dorothy was obliged to leave her studies at Cambridge University before graduation in order to care for her father and only after his death in 1955 was she able to take up a career in publishing, working as an editor. As the publishing industry began to decline she retrained and set herself up as an independent designer with clients that included the Royal College of Surgeons. Part of the colourful Primrose Hill community she was married three times, leaving behind no children but a wide range of friends. A lady of strong views, she had in particular no time for those who showed sexist or ageist attitudes.

In 1998, on the recommendation of mutual friends she began to assist the new company, Grosvenor Auctions, producing promotional materials and stationery, whilst advising also on the presentation of the auction catalogues. Her enthusiasm for any new project was inspiring and over the years the changing covers of the Grosvenor catalogues that she produced have become a whimsical feature of the philatelic scene. The professionalism of her work and her steadfast enthusiasm for the continued success of Grosvenor will be much missed by us all.

News item published on: 29 June, 2024