In Preparation…

The British Empire & Foreign Countries auction to be held on Tuesday 12th & 13th June is currently in preparation and will include a further important section of the postal history and postage stamps of the Falkland Islands, and the “Oatcroft” collection of Crash and Wreck covers.

Among other interesting items a rare Auschwitz letter.

The important Falkland Islands & Antarctica section of the auction features the only known cover bearing the first Falkland Islands stamp – the 1878 One Penny. This is regarded as not only the most important cover for collectors of the Falkland Islands and one of the major rarities of the British Empire, but also one of the most desirable items in existence for collectors of ‘number ones of the world

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Also appearing in the sale will be the second earliest known letter from the Falklands Islands, dated January 28th 1827; a highly attractive ‘Black Frank’ cover, one of only six known not addressed to Great Britain; and the exceptionally strong Clive Perkins collection of the popular and distinctive late nineteenth century ‘Cork’ cancellations from the islands

News item published on: 26 March, 2012