Autumn 2018 Auctions

19-20 September 2018

The first sale of our Autumn 2018 season will include a special section of Australasia & Pacific Islands featuring rare stamps, proofs and essays from the Gold Medal winning collection of Tasmania Pictorials formed by Malcolm Groom and the award-winning collection of New Hebrides formed over 60 years by Jim Crompton.  This sale will also present the Brian Davies collection of … Read more...


Sound Foundations

The Specialised Great Britain auction held over two days on April 11-12 achieved an unexpectedly high total of £826,648 with the return of a number of important buyers to the market. Whilst catalogue price adjustments, both upward and downward, are undoubtedly required in some areas, this pleasing overall pattern of results reflects a broad base of support that should provide a sound foundation for future growth in the Great Britain … Read more...