Forthcoming Auctions

Specialised Great Britain
Wednesday 9, Thursday 10 November 2022

An auction of nearly 1,400 lots with strong presentations of line engraved, including a good range of imprimaturs, surface printed with scarce multiples, Queen Elizabeth II with specialised Wildings from the collection of the late Frank Walton RDP, FRPSL and important Postal Stationery featuring official envelopes and postcards from the collection of Dr Alan Huggins RDP, FRPSL, MBE and the Frank Walton Internation Gold Medal Exhibit of Tudor Rose registered envelopes

This sale is now closed for consignments.


The 150th Auction
Thursday 8, Friday 9 December 2022

Completing a 25 year cycle since the founding of Grosvenor in 1997, our 150th auction will feature exceptional collections formed by Dr Brian Austen and the fascinating studies of the cancellations of British West Indies formed by John Forrest, former managing director of Robson Lowe Ltd.

Further consignments for this special sale are warmly invited and accepted until 10 October.

Vendor commission rates are generous and fully inclusive with no add-on fees or charges for unsold lots. Our carefully crafted catalogues and extensive client base of international buyers guarantee maximum results for your main collection or any surplus material.



Ma volonté est que mes dessins, mes estampes, mes bibelots, mes livres, enfin les choses d’art qui ont fait le bonheur de ma vie, n’aient pas la froide tombe d’un musée, et le regard bête du passant indifférent, et je demande qu’elles soient toutes éparpillées sous les coups de marteau d’un commissaire-priseur et que la jouissance que m’a procurée l’acquisition de chacune d’elles, soit redonnée, pour chacune d’elles, à un héritier de mes goûts.

My wish is that my drawings, my prints, my trinkets, my books, those artistic things that gave me happiness in life, should not fall into the cold tomb of a museum, and suffer the ignorant stares of indifferent passers-by, and I ask that they be dispersed under the hammer of an auctioneer and that the enjoyment that each acquisition gave to me, be passed on to a new owner of the same tastes as mine.

The Will of Edmond de Goncourt (1822–1896)

News item published on: 23 June, 2022