Midsummer Sale: British Empire & Foreign Countries

Sale Number: 116

Tuesday 20th June 2017 at 10.30 am and 2.30 pm
Wednesday 21st June 2017 at 11 am

Featuring a fine offering of Canada and Newfoundland including material from the outstanding collections formed by Mel Doyle and JSP Wilson FRPSL, the exceptional collections of Ireland Seahorses formed by Prof. Arthur Weston and Morocco Agencies by David A Stotter FRPSL, a further presentation from the Moore & Moore Collection … Read more...


Auction of Pacific Islands Postage Stamps and Postal History

Sale number: 108

Start Date: Wednesday 25th May 2016

Sale Time: Wednesday 25th May 2016 at 11 am and 2 pm

A specialised auction of nearly 700 lots, featuring the Martin Baxendale Collection of Tonga, the Michael Parr Collection of the Territories of New Guinea and Papua, fine Cook Islands, Samoa and the Greg Willson collections of British Solomon Islands and … Read more...


Auction of British Empire and Foreign Countries Postage Stamps and Postal History

Sale number: 107

Start Date: Tuesday 24th May 2016

Sale Time: Tuesday 24th May 2016 at 10.30 am and 2.30 pm

A specialised auction of nearly 1,700 lots, including the John Sussex RDP, FRPSL Collection of Ireland, Falkland Islands including the Dr PG Cronk FRPSL collection of King George V issues, and significant offerings of specialised material from … Read more...


Proper Job

The Ron Hake collection of Devon postal history was the starring feature in the specialised Great Britain auction held at GROSVENOR on April 21st, achieving a remarkable success and more than doubling its pre-sale estimates.

Dating from just before the English Civil War, a historic letter sent “hast post hast” in 1640 to Sir George Chudleigh, Deputy Lieutenant of the County (lot 220) rose strongly in bidding to £5,894. Showing … Read more...


Auction of Great Britain Postage Stamps and Postal History

Thursday 21st April 2016 at 11.00 am and 2pm

A specialised auction of over 900 lots, the property of 134 vendors, featuring the Gold Medal winning collection of Devon Postal History and a collection of barred numeral cancellations formed by the late Ron Hake FSPH, fine and rare items of postal history, line engraved and surface printed


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Curate’s Egg

Like the curate’s egg in the 1895 Punch cartoon, the March 16th/17th GROSVENOR auction was ‘excellent in parts’. This large auction contained offerings from no fewer than 218 vendors and results varied noticeably from country to country, the sale producing nevertheless a creditable total realisation of £648,085.

Amongst a most unusual offering of New Zealand wills and probate documents bearing ranges of Stamp Duty and Arms high values, the highest … Read more...