Upcoming Sales

Grosvenor are pleased to announce the following upcoming sales, please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

British Empire & Foreign Countries

Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st September 2017

With exceptional offerings of Canada and War Tax issues, the Richard Malim collection of British Levant, the Cecil H. Clough collection of Antigua and the late Prof. Iain Stevenson collection of Tonga.

Specialised Great Britain

Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th October 2017

With postal history and stamps, featuring the first offering from the exceptional collection formed by P.F. Young, F.R.P.S.L.. also the fine collections formed by the late Philip G. Mackey and Prof. Iain Stevenson, F.R.P.S.L.

British Empire & Foreign Countries

Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th November 2017

Featuring the ‘Braemar’ collection of Falkland Islands and the late Fred Goldberg collection of Antarctica.