Thanks A Million

The Autumn season at GROSVENOR opened with a substantial offering of British Empire & Foreign Countries on 20th-21st September. Record viewing and auction day attendance figures by collectors and dealers, added to enthusiastic online and pre-sale bidding, generated a superb total result of £1,028,049 for the vendors in the sale.

Memorable sections and individual highlights featured throughout. A recently discovered and newly listed variety from the British East AfricaRead more...


British Empire & Foreign Countries

Sale Number: 117

Wednesday 20th September
 at 11 am and 2 pm and
Thursday 21st September at 11 am and 2 pm

Featuring unusual offerings of War Tax, Special Delivery/Express and Telegraph issues, exceptional rarities of India used in Aden, the late Cecil H Clough collection of Antigua, the Richard Malim collection of British Levant and the late Prof. Iain Stevenson collections of Tonga and other countries.… Read more...


Autumn 2017 Programme

Our Autumn 2017 Season is currently in preparation and will present an impressively diverse range of rare individual items and collections.

25th/26th October – Specialised Great Britain featuring the first offering from the exceptional collection formed by P.F. Young, FRPSL, the Geoff & Joyce Kemp collection of Kent postal history, together with the fine collections formed by the late Philip G. Mackey and Prof. Iain Stevenson, FRPSL including important sections … Read more...


Midsummer Madness

The June 20-21 Midsummer British Empire & Foreign Countries auction held over two sweltering days at Grosvenor in London achieved a fine total realisation of £415,711.

Determined competitive bidding lead to a number of striking results and record prices, most notably those for a series of recently discovered postcards sent by two members of the 1902-04 Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, taxidermist Alastair Ross and zoologist David Wilton, en route to … Read more...