Spring Auction Week

4056x-copy.cuApril 25-26 SPECIALISED GREAT BRITAIN, a specialised auction of over 1200 lots, the property of 117 vendors, including unusual Revenues and Telegraphs featuring the Frank Brown collection, as well as the outstanding ‘Bristol’ Collection of Lundy and the Anthony Moon Collection of Line Engraved.

April 26-27 BRITISH EMPIRE & FOREIGN COUNTRIES, an intriguing auction of 1420 lots featuring the first part of the remarkable Stefan Heijtz FRPSL International Large Gold Medal Collection of Saint Helena Postal History; Jamaica Postal History, British African Airmails and Rhodesia from the collections of the late Donald E Napier FRPSL; the late Ronnie Shiers Collection of Jerusalem Postal History; literature including duplicate material from the Library of the Royal Philatelic Society London and the David Watson award-winning Collection of Caribbean Shipping Mail offered intact.

Each auction is available to view online from four weeks before the date of sale.


Public Viewing at our offices will be available on

Thursday 20 April 9.30 am to 5 pm

Friday 21 April 9.30 am to 5 pm

Monday 24 April 9.30 am to 4 pm

Private viewing of this auction may be available before these dates by pre-arrangement.

Please note that, due to the substantial size of the Literature section of the British and Empire Foreign Countries auction (lots 1641–1744), these lots will not be available during Public viewing but may be examined by appointment.



First Session, Tuesday 25 April at 11 am

Collections & Mixed Lots    Lots 1–57

Miscellaneous    Lots 58–74

Revenue Stamps    Lots 75–116

Private Telegraph Stamps    Lots 75–128

Military Telegraph Stamps    Lots 129–142

Post Office Telegraph Stamps    Lots 143–233

Literature    Specialised Section in GPA 115: Lots 1641–1744

Postal History and Covers    Lots 234–307

Used Abroad    Lots 308–313

Airmails    Lot 314

Postal Stationery    Lots 315–339

Mulready Envelopes and Letter Sheets    Lots 340-358

Caricature and Hand Illustrated Envelope    Lots 359–360

Cancellations    Lots 361–382

Exhibitions    Lots 383–385

Essays, Proofs and Trials    Lots 386–389


Second Session, Tuesday 25 April at 2 pm

1840 One Penny Black and Two Pence Blue    Lots 390–524

1840 Rainbow Colour Trials    Lot 525

1841 One Penny Red-Brown and Two Pence Blue    Lots 526–586

Later Line Engraved    Lots 587–647

Embossed    Lots 648–657

Surface Printed    Lots 658–733

Officials    Lots 734–742

King Edward VII    Lots 743–772

King George V    Lots 773–865

Seahorses    Lots 802–827

King Edward VIII    Lots 866–874

King George VI    Lots 875–890


Third Session, Wednesday 26 April at 11 am

Queen Elizabeth II    Lots 891–1021

Signed Covers    Lots 1022–1023

Regionals    Lots 1024–1027

First Day Cover Collections    Lots 1028–1062

Postage Dues    Lots 1063–1066

Channel Islands & Isle of Man    Lots 1067–1082

The ‘Bristol’ Collection of Lundy    Lots 1083–1202



First Session, Wednesday 26 April 2017 at 2 pm

Miscellaneous & Mixed Lots

Lots 1501–1744 including

Postal History & Covers    Lots 1565–1584

The Donald Napier Collection of British African Airmails    Lots 1585–1617

The David Watson Collection of Caribbean Shipping Mail    Lot 1623

Literature    Lots 1641–1744

British Empire & Foreign Countries

Abu Dhabi – Falkland Islands Dependencies

Lots 1745–1987 including

Australia and States    Lots 1765–1783

Cyprus    Lots 1903–1913

Egypt    Lots 1916–1986


Second Session, Thursday 27 April 2017 at 10:30 am

British Empire & Foreign Countries


Lots 1988–2400 including

France and Colonies    Lots 1988–2027

Gibraltar    Lots 2054–2072

Grenada    Lots 2076–2114

Holyland, featuring the Ronnie Shiers Jerusalem Collection    Lots 2116–2143

Jamaica, featuring the Donald Napier Postal History Collection    Lots 2212–2398


Third Session, Thursday 27 April 2017 at 2 pm

British Empire & Foreign Countries

Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika–Zanzibar

Lots 2401–2920 including

Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika    Lots 2401–2425

Malaya and States    Lots 2433–2484

Malta    Lots 2485–2503

The Rhodesias, featuring the balance of the Donald Napier Collection    Lots 2550–2647

Saint Helena, featuring the Stefan Heijtz Postal History Collection Part 1    Lots 2653–2810


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News item published on: 9 February, 2017